We will use our oil Naturseed as coconut oil moisturizer.

Here you have recommendations for use:

  1. Due to the fatty acids of medium-chain present in coconut oil, put it in our skin is easily absorbed.
  2. It makes the skin again a natural barrier to bacteria, fungi… Since the natural barrier generated by the body is sebum, which is lost with showers or if the skin is damaged.
  3. I advise you to apply coconut oil with the moist skin for better absorption and thus obtain a radiant skin
  4. Apply it on your body drier areas such as elbows and feet, you will see the results


  • Extends much, so do not use too much.
  • To be an oil you can think you will stain if you wear clothes over shortly after apply the oil on your skin, but no, you can wear at the end give you the and the oil will already have absorbed.

The purest and most effective moisturizer.

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