This practice began in the India thousands of years ago, and arrived in the United States in early 1990.

It is an old remedy that uses natural oils to clean and improve the health of teeth and gums, as well as eliminating harmful bacteria and improve the scale plates.


Oil Pulling is to put vegetable oil in the mouth for 20 minutes, then spits it and rinsed well.

I recommend not spit it for the sink already that could block the ducts to become solid.

But why 20 minutes?

According to studies practiced, is the time required to make the oil to break the plates and kill bacteria effect.

Have it more time is not good because that will cause the reabsorption of the plaque and bacteria.

  1. Start with a teaspoon of tea loaded with oil of organic extra virgin coconut Oil Pulling Naturseed or Naturseed (our coconut with wild mint oil) and when you get used usa 1 soup spoon. (With the oil pulling Naturseed panty bamboo with the measuring spoon)
  2. We will gradually moving it by the teeth and gums. The oil will be rolling back and will be easier to move it
  3. When they have passed the 20 minutes, spit it in a glass and wash well the mouth with a little warm water.
  4. Now already tomato breakfast and later cepillate teeth.
  5. You’ll see how your teeth will be whiter and healthy
  6. It is not a miracle! It needs time to get the expected results
  7. Try it for 1 month.
  8. And in our social networks tell us your experience.

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tooth whitening Oil pulling

Get a fresh breath, and a radiant smile.

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