I am going to present a homemade mask for hair using oil organic extra virgin coconut Naturseed, very easy to make and with results that will surprise you.


Coconut oil penetrates into the hair shaft to moisturize from inside, to repair damaged hair and protect it from future damage, as no natural heat or shampoos.

  1. It moisturizes the hair and scalp
  2. It is anti-fungal and helps to eliminate dandruff
  3. It penetrates into the hair
  4. It protects your hair from loss of protein in the wash, getting a stronger hair
  5. It contains vitamin E and lauric acid, both are essential to a healthy, strong hair and prevent hair loss
  6. It contains fatty acids which strengthen the hair and prevents split ends
  7. You get a spectacular shine in a natural way
  8. It begins with a shock treatment and apply the mask 2 times a week during one month
  9. After an application a week your hair will keep the brightness and strength


  1. It will depend on the amount of hair that you have but I recommend you start with 1-2 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut Naturseed oil.
  2. For convenient application, place a bowl of hot water and over a glass of oil, thus will melt without losing properties.
  3. Apply the oil from the top down
  4. Making more stress upon probes that tend to be the more they suffer
  5. Cover the hair with a towel or a showercap for 30-40 min
  6. To remove the oil, normally wash hair with your shampoo.
  7. You’ll see that most beautiful and healthy hair will look

To are you waiting! Make this homemade mask for the hair and start to improve your hair.

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