coconut oil hairHow to remove lice it is becoming a common theme and common above all for those who have children in school age. Every so often they come with a note of “warning! lice “.” 

And the truth that is annoying and unpleasant, you leave money in products of pharmacy that most have chemical ingredients that affect the scalp and hair, or if you are looking for natural alternatives, in addition to its high price, have an odor that better not approaching km.

Because I am going to present a natural way which does not affect the scalp or hair, quite the contrary improves it. No odors or chemicals.

Coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, which has properties fungicides, perfect against lice. Also the lice reach our head jumping and holding with Tongs that have on their legs, but if they find coconut oil may not cling and not be will be, avoiding the laying eggs (nits).

As prevention coconut oil:

  1. Spread coconut oil for the scalp, behind the ears, in the area of the neck and probes.
  2. In this way may not be lice head

If you have already found some lice or nits:

  1. Apply coconut for all scalp oil and the rest of the hair
  2. Cover it with a towel for 20 minutes
  3. Take a liendrera and begins to separate the hair
  4. The snobs are loose since they can not hold
  5. Perform this process at least for 7 days until no more nits, decreasing the amount of coconut oil

Note: The nits hatch in 5-7 days so it is important that you check if any survived the treatment we have applied

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