There are many coconut oils , why Naturseed is the most pure?

This is what makes us special:

We are a Spanish family company that we bring the coconut oil from Katana in Sri Lanka, where we produce our coconut oil. Our coconuts are hand-picked from the “tree of life” as it is called there  in the “triangle Coconut”area  in the West of Sri Lanka.

Naturseed coconut oilused a unique process, a special technique to make the purest and healthiest coconut oil that you can find in a jar.

Our method never heat oil above 40 degrees, which ensures the integrity of the  fatty medium chain (MCFA) and lauric acid which is found naturally in coconut.

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Unlike Naturseed, other coconut oils  on the market use a process that uses a centrifugation system to extract the oil.

The centrifugation process creates a high friction, which means an increase of the temperature in the coconuts and the oil extracted.

Heat is the biggest enemy of the coconut. When the oil is heated, the MCFA and lauric acid break, making a less efficient coconut oil properties and more difficult to absorb by the body.

Unfortunately, most of the oils in the market say that it is “cold pressed” when it is only the final step of the process where they use a system of  cold pressed

Naturseed coconut oil customers are seeing effects  increasing their metabolism, a sugar balance  in blood, removal of yeast / bacteria…

We attribute the success of our coconut oil to the quality of our coconuts from Sri Lanka and our press technique.

We are committed to offer you pure and healthy oil of coconut with all its nutrients. We are confident that you can see, taste and feel the difference.

Give us a try, you’ll love it

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