How to know if you’re lactose intolerant?

It has been my great discovery. Because I can say that there was a before and an after since I discovered my intolerance.

So although it is hard, why don’t try it? You do not lose anything and you can win much. Leave the milk completely for 2 weeks and see how your body reacts.

Keep in mind that at the end of the test, you will be incorporating yogurts, cheeses, sheep, goat… to see your level of intolerance.

In my case I take only cured goat and sheep cheeses and occasionally jump it me, but is that that day will have to partner scarf.


Here you have a very interesting article about intolerance. Enjoy it!

Cow’s milk, as everyone has told us, is a rich source of calcium, important for bones and teeth, contains proteins of high biological value and other nutrients (vitamins, fatty acids, etc.) that may be beneficial to health.

However, the consumption of cow’s milk may have negative effects, as indicated by an article published in the Journal Epidemiology, which is related to the consumption of milk and dairy with some types of cancer and other ailments.

  1. Several studies, such as those conducted by the Geophysics Jane Plant, scientific head of the Geological Survey Brotais, and Dr. Daniel Cramer, of Harvard University, indicate that a high consumption of cow’s milk is associated with an increased rate of breast, colon and stomach cancer.
  2. Cow’s milk increases levels of IGF-1, a growth factor that is associated with the growth of cancer cells, according to in blood
  3. Milk cow and dairy consumption seems to be linked to various disorders of the reproductive system of women; including tumors and ovarian cysts and secretions, and vaginal infections. They are also related to menstrual spasms and overly abundant flows.
  4. By its rich content in animal protein and phosphorus, promotes metabolic acidity. Some studies, according to experts, show that cow’s milk decreases the blood pH (acidity), and can cause the release of calcium from the bones into the blood, which is associated with the emergence of stones and kidney stones.
  5. The cow’s milk, casein, protein breaks down into substances derived from morphine (the casomorfinas) in the same digestive tract, so it has sedative effects and possible negative effects on emotional stability.
  6. Numerous studies support the possibility that there is a connection between the consumption of cow’s milk and autism in children, conditions similar to the previous point.
  7. In adults, a large number of people experience improvements in the functioning of the digestive and intestinal transit to reduce or eliminate the consumption of dairy products.

These clinical evidence suggest that the reduction or elimination of cow’s milk, as well as other dairy diet, may be more beneficial than harmful, especially to people with problems related to digestion, intestinal or immune system.

We encourage you to leave the dairy for 2 weeks and check that effects had in ti. So you can discover if you’re lactose intolerant or not. To help you create alternatives to milk discover our bag to make vegetable milks.

For this on our website you have recipes for vegetable milks, and as suggestion replaces butter with Naturseed extra virgin coconut oil.

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